Your Next Conversation Piece is Waiting For You !

ABOUT -  Maggie B's 

Hi, my name is Maggie and I am recovering from employment in the medical field!  I worked for many years in the organ transplant world working with families in life and death situations, on 24-hour call for days on end.  I loved my job, but it was exhausting.  I retired 2 years ago and started working as an artist full time.  I am a metalsmith and love being able to find a new peace and fulfillment in my studio.  I call it torch therapy!  Many of my creations are what I call “Meaningful Jewelry”  I have a sign in my booth that states “Life is Short, Buy the Jewelry”. Life is short, find meaning in life…I hope that some of the jewelry I have created for you reminds you to embrace life!

Jewelry is such a saturated category, I have strived to find a different look to help me stand out.  Concrete and silver is one of my newest obsessions.  I experimented for a few months and several mishaps to discover a blend that would hold the wet concrete look. I added an expanding chemical to make it light weight and a bonding chemical to make it strong.  I now create the sterling silver forms & pour the concrete to create one of a kind, new, unique pieces. I use silver, copper & semi-precious stones in many of my pieces.